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Block Cabinet

Block Cabinet Block Cabinets are specifically designed for long term tamper free and safe storage of Paraffin Embedded blocks which are prepared after precise processing. Your blocks will never be exposed to Fungus/Termites etc. which always develop in wood-sunmica constructed block cabinets. Enquire Features. This is the most suited Block Cabinet preferred by users. This … Read more

Kalstien Automatic Co2 Incubator

Kalstien Automatic Co2 Incubator Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.  Enquire Features. Use for cells, tissues and bacterial culture; is the key equipment to carry out essential immunology, oncology, genetics and bio-engineering. Widely used in microorganisms, agricultural science, drug research and production. Microcomputer intelligence control, constant temperature with timing, over temperature function; gas … Read more

Slide Cabinet

Slide Cabinet Microslide Cabinets provide very safe tamper free long term storage of final slides prepared after meticulous processing. Your Micro Slides will never be stored in a Fungal Environment which develops over time in wood sunmica construction. Enquire Features. For Safe and hassle free handling of 75 x 25 mm Slides. Made of CRCA … Read more