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Tissue Embedding Machine

RH 04 Tissue Embedding Machine Pathology Tissue Embedding Center & Cooling Plate Embedding Equipment.—Fully programmable computer control allows automatic system start and stop anytime (weekly).—Temperature is precisely measured by temperature-sensing integrated blocks made in USA, and isLCD-displayed with icons demonstrating current working status.—Automatic memory and restoration functions: After start up, all preset temperature data are automatically … Read more

Tissue Embedding Machine

Tissue Embedding Machine Elevate your laboratory’s embedding process with the Rankin Basics Embedding Station, a meticulously designed solution forged from histotechnicians’ insights. This station seamlessly blends bulletproof reliability, user-friendly design, and efficient cleaning capabilities. With dual removable warming trays accommodating various needs, an adjustable LED work light ensuring optimal visibility, and a ribbed work surface … Read more

S200 Slide Printer

RH G365 SlidePro Printer Featuring non-contact UV laser marking technology, RH scientific RH364 slide Pro printer offers fast, rich content and consumable-free printing. The innovative upward slide delivery system allows smooth and safe transport of slides. The printing is crisp and permanent, resists processing solvents, reducing errors and enabling traceability. Enquire Features. High tech printing … Read more

RH G685 Cassette Printer

RH G685 Cassette Printer RH G685 printers are one of the few printers using innovative non-contact cold laser marking technology to generate crisp and permanent print on various sorts of cassettes. RH G685 Tissue Cassette Ultraviolet Printer, using the latest UV laserprinting technology, can clearly print high-resolution patterns andinformation on the surface of the tissue … Read more