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Epredia Microtome Blade

Epredia blades offer consistency, durability, and performance with blade coatings and angles to match your application.



  • Direct loading into Epredia microtome E disposable blade holders
  • Assisted removal with Blade Handling Tool
  • Cartridge includes built-in disposal for used blades


  • Trusted name in blades
  • Durable coatings
  • Quality iron, carbon and chromium


  • High- and low-profile blades
  • 34° and 22° blade angles
  • Compatible with most manufacturers’ microtomes and cryostats


Type Blade No. 10
Material Stainless Steel
Usage/Application Reconstruction Surgery
Blade Type Disposable
Shapes Chisel Blade
Brand Epredia
Type Of Cutting Edge Pointed
Packaging Type Packet
Quantity Per Pack 50

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