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Slide Cabinet

Microslide Cabinets provide very safe tamper free long term storage of final slides prepared after meticulous processing. Your Micro Slides will never be stored in a Fungal Environment which develops over time in wood sunmica construction.


For Safe and hassle free handling of 75 x 25 mm Slides. Made of CRCA sheets. Designed for its performance, appearance and durability. Powder coated inner and outer finish after 7 tank phosphating for complete scratch proof surfaces and rust free long life.
The anodized seamless moulded (die-pressed) aluminum slide trays for holding 75 x 25 mm slides, have been arranged separately so as not to disturb other compartments while taking out or putting in the slides.
The usual size of the tray is 335 x 230 x 35 mm and is properly fitted with uniformly slotted aluminum carries in four rows, each holding 50 Slides i.e. each tray holds 100/200 Slides in horizontal position and is fitted with index holder. Slide holding slotted rows are numbered 1 to 50 to identify the slides.

This is another popular Yorco MicroSlide Cabinet. The entire cabinet is fabricated out CRCA sheets Powder Coated after phosphating which provide scratch free surface and rust free life, Fungal growth is also prevented which occurs in wood and sunmica cabinets.

These have a double side (Top & Bottom) bolt lock with unique key number. It is provided with Deep Drawn joint less aluminum trays to store 20 Nos. 75 x 25 mm Slide on the 1 top of the other in each compartment thus doubling the capacity trays can also be placed in an incubator for Slide conditioning, without wrapping.

Projector Slides can be stored suitably in this cabinet made of CRC sheets well designed for its durability and appearance and powder coated finish. Smoothly working door, fitted with handle, lock and key.
Slide trays are made of Anodized Aluminum have been arranged separately to avoid any disturbance to other trays, while taking out or putting in. The Trays are fitted with uniformly slotted aluminum plates each holding 50/100 slides and index card holder.


Usage/Application Industrial
Material Mild Steel
Color White
Height 4
Door Type 2
Capacity 5000 slide capacity
Coating Powder coating
Drawers Horizontal Manner
Material Grade Gi
Brand SE

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