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RH 04 Tissue Embedding Machine

Pathology Tissue Embedding Center & Cooling Plate Embedding Equipment.
—Fully programmable computer control allows automatic system start and stop anytime (weekly).
—Temperature is precisely measured by temperature-sensing integrated blocks made in USA, and is
LCD-displayed with icons demonstrating current working status.
—Automatic memory and restoration functions: After start up, all preset temperature data are automatically stored in the system. 



1.Five independent temperature control system 2.The machine is composed of two modes, main console and cold plate 3.The larger capacity working cylinder allows users processing 250 tissues at the same time

— Paraffin capacity:>6L
— Electronic temperature control
— Heating range:Ambiento 99ºC
— Manual and pedal operations
— Fast freezing small cyro
— Adjust for the flow wax mouth
— With separate cold plate
— Can work 250pcs tissue at the same time


Paraffin Chamber Capacity   ≥6 liters
Temperature Ranges  RT – 99℃
Temperature Control Precision ±1℃
Paraffin Flow Control  Paraffin flow control via finger touch plate and optional foot pedal
Fully programmable ON/OFF control  Allows automatic system start and stop anytime weekly
Dimensions of Paraffin Chamber (EBD-4) 600*650*450mm(W*H*D)
Dimensions of Thermal Chamber (each of two) 410*660*450mm(W*H*D)
Working area of Embedding Module  540mm×93mm
Dimensions of small cold plate  60×50mm
Working Voltage  AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz
Power  1000W (EBD-4)
Dimensions(EBD-4)  675×575×390mm(W x D x H)
Net weight  39kg (EBD-4)
Cooling system
Temperature Ranges of Cryo Module +5~ -20℃(Temperature control mode)The lowest temperature can reach -28℃ (Super cooling mode)
Temperature of Small Cold Plate ﹤-5℃
Temperature setting of Cryo Module  the optimal working temperature is approximately -10℃, and the temperature is under delay protection
Dimensions of Cryo Module  315×380 mm
Working Voltage  AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz
Power  300W (EBD-CL4)
Dimensions  710×350×390mm (W×D×H)
Net weight  25kg

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